Name: Trouble
Breed: Quarter Horse
Foaling Date: March 01, 1992
Status: Retired in facility
Trouble has been with us since
September 2019


This handsome boy was surrendered to us on September 02, 2019.
His name is Trouble and he is a very sweet and gentle boy.

Trouble´s former family reached out to us for help because they believe Trouble has esophageal strictures. The biggest issue they had was being able to feed him in the mornings.
Trouble was stalled at a stable about 20 minutes away from their house and the lady that used to feed him in the morning was afraid to continue to do so, because Trouble has choked on his food twice before. The vet had to come out on both occasions to remove the food.

Our vet will be out in a couple of days and we will have him checked out so we know for sure what the problem is. We hope we can help him so he has a few more good years ahead.
Trouble is a very sweet, gentle, smart boy and fun to be around.