Name: Tiny
Breed: Belgian Draft
Age: born probably between 2006 - 2009
Status: Rehab
Tiny has been with us since
Febuary 2021


We reserved this beautiful, big, gentle giant on 02/09/2021.
He was in the slaughter pipeline and was suppose to ship to Mexico on 02/12/2021.

He finally arrived yesterday at our facility and we decided to call him Tiny.
This boy is so sweet mannered.

We think Tiny was an Amish work horse.
Tiny´s got very bad hooves that will need a lot of work. Our biggest concern though is his right hind leg.
We could speculate if it´s broken or if he ruptured a collateral ligament, but luckily our vet will be out tomorrow. Then we will know what is going on and hopefully we will be able to help him.
We assume he is in his teens but we have to wait if our vet confirms this.

After Tiny´s arrival yesterday, we gave him the chance to settle in.
He started eating hay right away and seemed pretty calm. Later on in the day he got a nice brushing and we gave him Bute and Ulcer Gard.
The night went quiet. He ate and drank well.

Yesterday a new life started for him. Now he will get a lot of TLC and good groceries.
Tiny will never suffer again and just be treated like an object.

Welcome home sweetheart!

Tiny´s bail to get him out of the slaughter pipeline was $1200 and $75 for delivery, total $1275.

Please consider donating towards his cost. Tomorrow´s vet bill is probably not going to be cheap.
Thank you!

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