Update 04/15/2020

Trouble had a tough time during Febuary and March. He had gas colics just about every other day so we had to keep a very close eye on him during the day and at night.
Having the vet come out that much wasn´t really an option,so in consultation with our vet,we bought Antacid and Gas relief from the drug store.
As soon as we started to see signs that he was feeling uncomfortable we gave him about a 120 ml each time. Luckily this really helped and he started feeling better within a few minutes. The boy seems to be doing a lot better the last couple of weeks. We think it is because the temperatures went up.Plus he and all the other horses are back outside 24/7 again.
Because he had this problem we decided to retire him in the facility and take him out of the adoption program. He deserves to live the rest of his days with his friends and people he loves without anymore changes.

Otherwise he still is the sweetest horse. He loves to be rubbed on.
He literally tries to block you to keep you from walking away, that´s how much he loves it.

Trouble got his EWT/West Nile/Influenza/Rhino Vaccine done on 03/11/2020.
On 03/24/2020 he got Vaccines for Potomac Horse fever+rabies and Strangles.
He also got his Coggings-Test done.

His total vet bill was $186.

(The total vet bill for all the rescues on those 2 days was $1496, which also included some medication, radiographs, Coggings-Tests and the farm call)
Please consider donating to us with the cost!
Thank you!


Update 01/29/2020

Unfortunately, yesterday ( 01/28/2020) we had a re-run from 1,5 weeks ago and Trouble started to show signs again of heading towards a severe colic. Again, we had the vet come out on an emergency call.

He got another rectal exam and an abdominal ultrasound. Luckily, this time he was able to keep the fluids down, given to him by a nasogastric tube placement so he didn´t need IV-Fluids.

We kept a close eye on him through the night, and of course over the day and will continue to do so tonight. Trouble started to look better today and even started to play with Spartan in the late afternoon. He hasn´t had a great appetite today but he ate some food.

Yesterdays vet bill was $502. So within a week we spend $1220 on this guy.
Please consider donating towards Trouble´s vet bill. He is such a nice and great horse!



Update 01/23/2020

Last Sunday (01/19/2020) Trouble didn´t look good in the morning and started showing signs of a colic, so we had the vet come out on an emergency call.

He got an abdominal ultrasound and Nasogastric tube placement+electrolytes. However he refluxed all of the fluid so he got two bags of IV Fluids. The vet also took blood to check his kidneys. Luckily the blood work came back with no serious concerns.

Bentley was being a friend that day and came in while Trouble got his IV Fluids so he would be more calm

We are very happy that he recovered well!

Please consider donating to us and help us pay for his vet bill ( $718).

Thank you!


Update 01/02/2020

Trouble had another Esophageal Endoscopy Exam on 12/30/2019

We had Trouble's esophageal checked again because we hoped that it might of had recovered to a point were he could eat hay again. Unfortunately, that is not the case and he needs to stay on soaked Purina Senior pellets.

Trouble is an awesome horse. He is a "been there, done that" kind of horse. He is super level headed, not spooky at all and still loves to go on rides.  The boy loves to be loved on and is so gentle.

His bill for the recent exam was $232. Please consider donating to us to help pay for his vet bill.

Thank you!


Update 09/10/2019

Trouble has been checked out by our vet on 09/06/2019. Here is the medical report:

Oral Exam:
Within normal limits. Excessive odontoplasty noted on left maxillary first premolar, but this is not likely causing a problem. All teeth present with very little to no apical necrosis.

Upper Airway Endoscopy:
No abnormalities associated with the larynx, epiglottis, or arytenoid cartilages.

Esophageal Endoscopy:
Cranial 2/3 appears to be within normal limits. Beginning at approx. 130cm from the nostril, the scope experienced resistance. In this area, the esophagus appears dilated but no diverticulitis noted. The mucosa in this section has large regions of discoloration (brown/black), hyperemia and the slight appearance of necrosis. This region extends caudally for approx. 20cm and then the mucosa again appears normal. The scope again reached an obstruction near the entrance to the stomach (about 180cm from the nostril). And the scope was not able to enter the stomach.

The cause of Trouble's esophogeal obstruction is due to the abnormal mucosa in the esophagus.
Possibilities for this disorder include:
1. Squamous cell carcinoma or other mucosal neoplasia.
2. Significant trauma caused by the nasogastric tube during the esophageal obstruction clearance.
3. Megaesophagus with additional mucosal damage

1. Feed only soft/soaked feed with short fibers such as purina senior or possibly hay pellets (not hay cubes).
2. Feed small quantities frequently throughout the day. He should recieve a total of 20-24lb of food in a 24 hour period (weight before water is added).

He also got his fall vaccines (Calvenza, Potomac Horse fever and Strangles), a Dental Exam and hoof trim done.

The fact that the vet was not able to enter his stomach shows that the boy has serious problems swallowing . We are always making sure that his food is fully soaked. Trouble is going to need 20-24 lbs of Purina Senior every day which makes him an expensive keeper. That amount comes out to about 15 bags a month which is about $ 300 without counting the supplements he gets (Glucosamine, Equinety, Vitamin E).

Trouble is such sweet old boy. He does not cause any trouble at all. His name couldn´t be further from the truth.
He likes to go on the trails and can still be ridden (by a lighter person) in moderation as long as he keeps his weight.

At his age and stage of life he is not looking for a new career but we would consider him being adopted by the right person, who has the time to give him the attention he needs. Currently he is on a every two hour feeding schedule during the day/evening and one late night feeding.

Please consider donating for Trouble. You can also become a Co-Parent to him.

Here are some new pictures 🙂


More pictures of Trouble: