Update 10/08/2021
Stella's recovery is going well. She takes her antibiotics like a champ and look how sassy she looks in her new halter.
Her vet bill also came. It's $2,671.50. Please consider donating towards her cost!
Thank you!

Update 10/06/2021
I picked up Stella from the clinic on Monday 10/04/2021.
Glad my little baby is back home and I'm sure she is, too. Got to keep her on antibiotics for a while.
She was so happy once she realized Bella was back in the pasture with her.❤️
Any donations towards her vet bill would be greatly appreciated! I don't have it yet but it's going to be a lot!
Update 09/30/2021
I went to go see Stella at the clinic today.
My poor baby. I hate seeing her like this.😪
But she's doing ok. Just wish I wouldn't have to make her go through this. However, she is in the very best hands at Classic Equine LLC❤️
Update 09/28/2021
Good morning Paint Pony Haven friends!
I just got an update from the vet on how Stella is doing and I wanted to share the news with you:
"Stella seems to be doing great. Good appetite. The spot on her face took quite a bit more work than we thought. The subcutaneous tissue had grown down into the hole in the bone so it took quite a bit of work to get this all straightened out. We put three layers of suture in in a attempt to prevent this from happening again. "
We are very happy she's doing well !!!  🙂
Update 09/27/2021

Stella had her surgery done today. Everything went well. The vet decided during surgery to only pull the two teeth on the left side because there was no indication of an infection on the right side of her sinuses. The tube to flush her sinus was also placed on the left and rinsed through. The vet is going to repeat that a few more times. He also stitched up that hole on her face sitting on the left side of her sinuses.
Hopefully she will recover fast so she can come home soon.
Any donations towards this vet bill would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
(Estimated cost $2500-3000)

update 09/26/2021

Today I dropped Stella off at the clinic. At the last appointment we had her rechecked and it turned out that she has bad cavities and a sinusitis. She is scheduled to have surgery tomorrow.


Update 08/30/2021

Stella finished her first week of quarantine.

She's got a little belly going and her coat is shiny.
Little "Miss Sweetheart" is starting to gain more trust every day and she's vocal. I always get a greeting when I go see her.
She's got some white line disease going on but we will be able to get that under control.
Otherwise she seems very happy here 🙂

More pictures of Stella:
All cleaned up 🙂

Stella arrival: