Update 04/24/2021

Our sweet boy Max is happy that the grass started to grow and the days and nights are warmer.
He enjoys being back out grazing in the big fields.
Max has been fighting a little ulcer in his right eye for about three weeks now, but otherwise he is healthy and looks great for his age.
The boy also finished his spring vaccines and got his sheath cleaned.

His total cost for vaccines, eye ointment etc was: $255.
Please consider a small donation to help with the cost.
Thank you!


Update 08/22/2020

Our sweet old boy Max is enjoying summertime. When it gets too hot, he gets to go inside the barn with the other horses to just chill out.

He had another dental float done on August 17, 2020 and it shows that he is now pushing 30 years.

We hope he has many more good years with us, just enjoying his retirement.

Update 04/15/2020

We are happy that our sweet old Max made it through the Winter. He enjoyed the warm days we had and took a lot of naps totally stretched out on the grass being warmed by the sun. Hopefully these nice temperatures will return soon.
We noticed that his eye site is getting worse. Luckily his best friend Digger always looks out for him. If Digger is not around Diva takes over and makes sure he finds his way.

Max got his EWT/West Nile/Influenza/Rhino Vaccine done on 03/11/2020.
On 03/24/2020 he got Vaccines for Potomac Horse fever+rabies and Strangles.

His total vet bill was $150.

(The total vet bill for all the rescues on those 2 days was $1496, which also included some medication, radiographs, Coggings-Tests and the farm call)

Please consider donating to us with the cost!
Thank you!


Update October 30, 2019

Max had to spend three days in the clinic last week because he had Potomac horse fever.
We are happy that he is all better now and so far no signs of Laminitis.

More Pictures of Max