Update 09/05/2021

We took Jasper to a State Park this morning to check out his ability handling different situations.
We pretty much covered everything a trail horse will encounter on public trails. People, kids, dogs, lots of other horses etc. As expected, he did really well. A bit nervous in the beginning but he calmed down quickly. The first creek was very scary, the second one not so much anymore. I had the lead with him the whole time, too. Exept going through the creeks. A little more training and he will be ready to go.
His work ethic is great! Jasper is very comfortable and just like any other horse likes going bitless a lot more.
Jasper loads like a champ, stands for the farrier, fly spray and bath no problem. He's utd on everything.
Coggings, vaccines, dentals, deworming, trim. He's also chipped and registered to Paint Pony Haven.
We think Jasper would be absolutely perfect for someone who really likes to burn miles on the trails.
He likes to move forward.
If you are interested in him, feel free to contact us with any questions about him or our adoption process.
Update 08/15/2021

I took Jasper on his real first trail ride today.
So far I wasn't able to do it because the bugs were so bad, no amount of fly spray helped.
He did really, really well! Considering the fact that we went out alone I would even say amazing!
In the beginning he started walking backwards trying to get away but nothing crazy. No bucking or rearing.
Once the other horses were out of sight he moved forward very nicely. The boy has a nice, comfortable trot. I have no idea if or how much trail experience he has from his past but he's got a good head on his shoulders! Not spooky at all. If he sees something he's not sure about, you can tell he thinks about it instead of going crazy.
All this flashy boy needs is some miles. I think he will be ready for adoption soon.
Jasper stands at a nice comfortable 15.2/15.3 hh.
If you are interested in giving him a forever home, feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.
Update 07/06/2021

We are happy to say that Jasper got the go-ahead from the vet to slowly start his training.
We took him on one short trail ride and he did well.
Obviously he hasn't been ridden in quite a while so he needs some refreshing. I think once we start putting some miles on him, he will become a great trail horse.
Jasper is a fun horse to be around. His personality is great!
If you are looking for a horse you might want to keep an eye on his progress. He is definitely quite the looker!

More pictures of Jasper: