Update 10/25/020

Our handsome boy Bentley is still looking for his ForEverHome.

So far, his size of 17.5 hands has stood in his way.

He is the sweetest guy you can imagine. He is curious, out going, wants to work and please.

Bentley is more of a "one person horse" but if you take the time to build that "unbreakable bond" with him, he will take care of you anywhere and in any situation.

Bentley is a horse that has an attitude you can´t find just anywhere!
This boy loves to go on long trail rides, he will stand for you to mount at any place without taking a step, he loads like a dream and is super steady if you take him to a new place.

He goes out by himself or a group. He can take the lead, be in the middle or all the way in the back. No matter what you ask of him, he will do so if he trusts you!

Bentley really is a superstar! He has been a great help here on the rescue training other horses to be calm on trails. He has been a guide for Lilly. We have been ponying her with him so she can gain confidence in any situation just by learning how he handles things; like branches braking off next to you, Deer, Turtles, Turkey, Sandhill Crane, going over logs, through brush, etc. ... you name it, Bentley´s got it and is a super role model!

Even though, he is a great help and we hate to see him go, he  really deserves that one person in his life who will spend every free minute with him and go on adventures with him!

This guy is not even 12 years old and deserves to see the world! He should not be a pasture ornament!

He really is so, so awesome!!!

This boy does great in a heard. He is not a bully and tries to get along with all the other horses, but will stand his ground if needed, but not in an aggressive way.

Bentley of course stands well for the farrier and vet. No kicking or bucking at any time.

We ride him with a Dr. Cook´s bitless sidepull and he does great! You don´t need more of the strength of your pinky to get this horse to stop. He is so sensitive!

We could go on and on about his great personality but you really have to see and meet him for yourself!

Needless to say, he will only go to an approved home and can not be sold, and if for some reason he looses his new home, he has to be returned to Paint Pony Haven!

Come take a look at this big, awesome, handsome boy!

Update 04/15/2020

Our sweet boy Bentley is now ready for his forever home.

Bentley is an awesome horse that stands at about 17,5 hands.
He really likes to work and is far from being lazy.

We envision a home for him where he gets to go on a lot of trail rides. His long legs will carry you wherever you want to go because he loves to burn some miles.

He will stand for you at a mounting block without any problem and waits for you to get on his back.

The same goes for when you have to get off during your ride and back on. No dancing around trying to prevent you from getting back on.

He has a very smooth trot and canter. He listens to cues and his mouth is very soft and sensitive.

The boy is very steady and has a good level head. He is not spooky. Deer, Turkeys, squeaking trees etc. are not a problem for him.

He goes out alone and in a group. He might test you a bit if you go by yourself but nothing crazy.

No bucking or rearing.

Bentley should not be ridden in an arena or jumped because of a ligament injury in his younger years based on what we were told by his previous owner. Since he´s been here, he has never gone lame. No issues on the trail rides.

This guy stands great for farrier, loads without a problem and doesn´t mind the vet.

He gets along with other horses and tries to be everybody`s friend.

Bentley got his EWT/West Nile/Influenza/Rhino Vaccine done on 03/11/2020.
On 03/24/2020 he got Vaccines for Potomac Horse fever+rabies and Strangles.
He also got his Coggings-Test done.

We also had some x-rays done on his left hock because he kicked out a gate playing with another horse on March 10th and we wanted to make sure everything was OK.

His vet bill for those two visits was a total of $463. Please consider donating to us to help us with the cost.

If you would like to meet Bentley please email us.

We are currently restricting visits due to Covid-19 but will be glad to set something up later down the road!

Thank you!

Update 02/19/2020

Bentley has recovered very well from his sinus infection.
He got his last antibiotics on January 15,2020.
So far there are no signs of it reoccurring.

We are now working with him to see what he is all about so we can find him a good and forever home.
Bentley has been a very steady horse. He has been on walks and a couple rides on our trails.
We saw some deer, went over logs, wind blowing in the woods making the trees squeak...not a problem for this boy. No bucking or rearing.

Bentley will be up for adoption as soon as we are able to take him on a few more rides on our trails and a state park. We want to make sure we know what he is all about so we can find the right person for him.

At this point we received $590 in donation towards Bentley`s vet bill. Please consider donating towards the rest of the cost.
Thank you!


Update 01/02/2020

The Vet came last Monday (12/30/2019) and did a check up on Bentley.
So far everything is going well. We have to keep him on antibiotics for another 2 weeks.

Bentley is starting to make friends with the other horses. We have put him in with the herd because we don´t want them to slip and fall in case they start running around.
We took him on a couple of walks through the woods and he is not spooky at all. He really is a very good boy.

So far the vet bill for Bentley was $ 2205. Please consider donating to us and help us pay for his bill. Some of our other rescues also had to see the vet. The year 2019 ended with a bill of $ 2900

Thank you!

Update 12/24/2019

Bentley had his last sinus flushing yesterday morning at the clinic.
After wards they removed the tube and we were able to pick him up in the early afternoon.

Of course it was very exciting for him to come to a knew place and to meet so many new horses.
But he settled in pretty quickly and ate all his hay last night.
For now we are keeping him separated in a pasture while he is recovering.

We are also keeping him on SMZ´s (antibiotics). His next check up is planned for the 12/30/2019.
He might need another shot of antibiotics in edition.

Once he recovered and is back to full health we will see what he is all about to be able to find him a suitable home.

So far we can´t say anything bad about him. Bentley is really easy going. He loaded like a champ yesterday. He seems pretty level headed and is dealing with his new situation really well.

Please consider donating to us to help us pay for his stay at the clinic and the continuing treatment.
We don´t have the bill yet but it is getting up there.

Update 12/19/2019

Bentley´s tube placement last Monday (12/16/2019) went great.
They have been flushing his sinus daily and he gets antibiotics.
Of course he needs to be sedated for the flushing but he is being a really good boy about all of this.

We went to go see him yesterday at the clinic. He is such a big boy, but so gentle.
We are hoping that everything continues to go well.

More pictures of Bentley taken today at the clinic: