Name: Lilly
Age: 13
Status: Pending
Lilly has been with us since
June 2019


This pretty lady was surrendered to us on June 29, 2019.
Her name was Mackinac and she is 12 years. We decided to call her Lilly though.

She is not the typical horse we would take in since she was really well taken care of.
However, she has behavior problems when she gets ridden but her old owners have not been able to figure out what causes it.
(Really nice people by the way)
So they were pretty much stuck because they did not want to just sell her to anybody.
The possibility for a horse like that to end up in an auction for horse meat is not unrealistic.
So we decided to give her a chance.

She's going to get a some time to adjust, and then we will have a full physical exam done by our vet and just go from there.

The few days she has been here she came across as a very sweet and kind mare.