Name: Jolene
Breed: Standardbred
Age: born probably 2017
Status: Rehab
Jolene has been with us since
January 2021


Look who arrived today?

This sweet little mare is about 4 years old.
We saved her last minute.

She was in the slaughter pipeline and her shipping date was tomorrow morning to go to Mexico and become horse meat. ?
This sweetheart was an Amish cart horse and they probably drove the living hell out of her.
She's got an issue with her right hind leg, so she just got sorted out.
Our vet will come tomorrow to take a look at her.

We gave her a little time and then cleaned her up and put a nice warm blanket on her.?

We feel bad because she has to stay outside at night, simply, because we have to quarantine her, but she's got a nice, thick straw bed under the run in and lots of groceries.

Today a new life started for her with lots of TLC and she will never become just a number again!

We decided  to call her Jolene cause she is so pretty.❤ ❤ ❤

Her bail out of the kill pen was $450 and $75 for her delivery, total $525.

Please consider donating towards this cost! A big vet bill is probably ahead of us to get her back on track.
Thank you!