Name: Jasper
Breed: Quarter Horse
Age: born probably between 2010/2011
Status: in training

Jasper has been with us since
May 2021


This cute little guy moved in yesterday. His name is Jasper and he is about 10 to 11 years old.

Jasper had a bone splint removed last year in his right hind leg. He's been recovering ever since and his previous owners did everything possible for him!
Now, Jasper is ready to be started back up but it needs to be done slowly and with patience so he
doesn´t get hurt again. Just selling him wasn't an option for them because they are worried people might ask too much of him, too quickly and he might end up in an auction if something goes wrong.

What wonderful people to make such a decision for their horse after putting so much into him!
We certainly do not see this a lot for sure!
Now, it's our job to get this boy back on track and of course, do our absolute best to do it wisely and safely in correspondence with vet guidance!

But for now, he just gets to settle in.

Welcome home Jasper!