Here we remember our loved horses which went over the Rainbow Bridge

TinkerBell "TinkTink"

+ November 17, 2019


Our hearts are heavy and sad and it´s one of the updates we never want to do:

Our beloved TinkTink went over the Rainbow Bridge Sunday morning on November 17, 2019.

We had a few very cold days and nights and it took a toll on her old body.
We tried everything to get her back on her feet but she was ready to let go.

We find comfort in the fact that she had a great time living with us the last 14 month.
She had horse friends and lots of loving every day. She got to go on walks and adventures.
She had a great run.

She will be dearly missed. Tink was a very special little pony and we are so glad we had the opportunity to be part of her life.

She was picked up on Sunday afternoon to be cremated. Once her remains return we will set them free on our ranch.

TinkTink, we miss you so much!

The following pictures were taken just five days before. She was making sure everybody got tucked in for the night with enough food and water.

She just loved walking up and down the aisle, checking things out while all the chores got done and then taking a taste of the fresh steamed hay for tomorrow, even though she couldn´t eat it, but sure liked to chew on it.

Sweet Tink, we were already worrying about her because she didn't do well last winter.
But we hoped she would do ok because she was at a really good weight.
It just wasn´t ment to be.

"You just had to love that Tink! SHE WAS AS CUTE AS CUTE CAN BE"

Always in our hearts and the face of this rescue!

Tink´s ashes were spread on December 8, 2019.
It was very special, all the horses were watching and it seemed like they knew what was happening.
Some of them started running once around in a circle and stopped to continue watching.
It felt like they ran with her for one more time.


July 14, 2015 - + June 27, 2020


We are so sad and our hearts are heavy again after losing our beloved Spartan yesterday evening on June 27, 2020.
He was out in the pasture running around with the other horses and all of the sudden he couldn't walk anymore and could hardly keep himself standing up. We gave him bute right away and called the vet.
The diagnose was devastating but didn´t come as a surprise. The bones in his left hind gave out after carrying all of his weight all the time. Spartan was never really able to put weight on his right hind because of his bad stifle.
It wasn´t an easy decision but we had to let him go in peace so he wouldn´t suffer.

Our baby boy had a wonderful 3 years with us and we did everything to keep him as comfortable as possible during this time.
He had big pastures to roam around in, his horse friends and lots of loving from us.
We will miss watching him being goofy and sticking his nose into everything.

Spartan was picked up to be cremated. Once his ashes return, we will set them free on our ranch.

"We love you so much baby boy! Now you can run like the wind!"

Spartan´s ashes were spread together with Trouble´s on August 2nd, 2020.

Two best friends returned to earth together.

It was a very sad moment but we are thankful for the time we had with them!

March 01,1992 - + July 5, 2020

We can´t believe we had to put our dearest Trouble to rest yesterday morning July 5, 2020.

Our heads are spinning and our hearts are so heavy.We did our late night check around 11pm the night before and everything seemed to be fine except it was the 4th of July with lots of fireworks in the area and steaming hot conditions.
In the morning we found him shaking like crazy, obvious in pain. Needless to say, we called our vet right away to get him on the road.

Our sweet boy rolled around sometime between my night check and the morning and ruptured part of his intestine. That was the final diagnose...impossible to fix.

Trouble was a very special, kind, funny, loving and smart horse.
He was a great teacher towards the crazy horses, showed them not to freak out over everything.
He will be so, so, so much missed around here!

Trouble was picked up to be cremated. We will be picking up his and Spartan´s remains together.
We will be spreading their ashes together on our ranch.
Trouble and Spartan were best friends.
Now Trouble, Spartan and TinkTink are reunited.

Trouble´s ashes were spread together with Spartan´s on August 2nd, 2020.

Two best friends returned to earth together.

It was a very sad moment but we are thankful for the time we had with them!

May 16, 2003 - + December 31, 2020


Our hearts are very heavy because we had to let our beloved dog Woody go.

He was our Angel and the sweetest, caring and loving soul.
We miss him so, so much and he will always be in our hearts.
His ashes were spread up on our hill which was one of his favorite spots to sit and watch over his property.
Woody is now resting side by side with our horses.

"Tonight, look up into the night.
Chances are, you might see a light.
A new star was born, shining so bright, caused by an angel who returned to the light.
Tears are shattered down here on earth.
Hearts been broken in pieces and it hurts.
But by looking up into the night, I hope I see that light, so I know you are alright."