Name: TinkerBell
Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Age: 30 +
Status: Retired in facility


Tinkerbell has been with us since
September 2018

Tinkerbell was given to us from a very nice family which tried their best to take care of her, but not being "horse people" they were overwhelmed.

We don´t know a lot about Tinkerbell´s story and her life. The family which gave her to us couldn´t really tell us anything about her past. They "inherited" her when they bought their new house a couple of years ago.
Since then, they tried to take good care of her, but knew nothing about horses and their needs.
However, they loved Tinkerbell and made the right choice when it was time to find her a home. Unfortunately, Tinkerbell was isolated and all alone at their place.
The day we picked up Tink we took her straight to the clinic to get a good check up. She got her teeth done, vaccinated and coggins checked. She had a number of teeth pulled and some were just loose and falling out upon the touch. She was also under weight so specific feeding instruction were recommended to put some pounds on that girl. We also give her 6 scoops of Vitamine E every day for her neurological problems.
It was a long day at this point so we decided to do the rest of checks a couple weeks later.

Then it was time to take her to her new home... and when Tinkerbell got out of the trailer we think she couldn´t believe her eyes...horses, lots of other horses 🙂 more being alone.

We believe that sometimes when a big change happens it´s best to change the name as well so the past stays in the past... so "Chrissy" became "Tinkerbell"  🙂

The vet came to the ranch a couple weeks later and we got the rest of her teeth done and decided to do a blood test to check if Tink has PPID (Equine Cushings Disease). As expected it came back positive so we tried to put her on pergolide but it did not do her any good.

As of today she now is on 6 scoops of Vitamine E, a supplement that is called NRF2, Equinety, a dose of Ulcergard and a dose of Probiotics a day. We also have her on 5cc Pentosan a week to help her movement.

Since we never know what food is appealing to her each day she has a "all you can eat buffet" to access which offers:

Tribute Kalm N EZ, Tribute ultra Kalm,Purina Senior, Standlee Premium Alfalfa Cubes

... all of it soaked since she is not able to eat "real hay or grass" because of her teeth.

We are very happy about the fact that she found a friend in our Zoe. The two are pretty much inseparable even though they can´t be in the same pasture because we can't let Zoe eat at the "all you can eat buffet"

Tinki is part of our sanctuary now and not up for adoption. We are hoping we can give her a few more years of joy and the feeling of love ... but most of all to let her be a horse again and enjoy her companionship.

Tinkerbell is phenomenal and we do not understand how she got left behind by people who she served in her prime is just simply heart breaking!!! We believe she did everything to please...her fault was just simply getting old.

Tinkerbell is such a sweet horse so you can become a Co-Parent to her.
She is good with kids starting at age 8 and up.