Name: Max
Breed: Quarter Horse
Age: 25+
Status: Retired in facility
Max has been with us since
July 2017

Max...sweet ... old Max....
We originally bought Max from a Lady who told us that she saved him from being slaughtered by trying to find him a home. She indicated he was about 15 and in really good shape.  The story seemed a bit off right in the beginning, but Max seemed to be a nice horse so the "gut feeling" and what we saw was just ignored by us.
He was supposed to be one of our pleasure horses but shortly after he arrived here he had one good run in our pasture and went lame on his front left.
We think it is an injury from a long time ago that keeps flaring up when too much pressure is put on it.
We had the vet check him and discovered that he was not 15 years of age like we where told...more like in his mid twenty´s. (...gut feeling)
He also had bad vision and now 2 years down the road he is slowly going blind.

We could have given Max back but we were worried that he would just be shipped back to where he came from and then be put to slaughter. A thought we can´t live with, so we decided to keep Max.

This sweet gelding showed us that he must not have had a good life before, because even though he is really good around people, it just becomes obvious that he doesn´t really care that much about humans.
He is not that "in your pocket" kind of horse right have to work for that.
However, there is one thing he really loves ... his good night carrot :-)... something he probably never had before in his life because he did not know what to make of the first carrot ever offered to him.
Currently he is on a dose of glucosamine a day.

Max is such a sweet boy so you can become a Co-Parent to him.
Teenagers starting at age 15 and up shouldn´t be a problem. We don´t want any young children close to him because of his bad vision.