Meet our Horses

Here you will find detailed information about our horses.
We try to keep you updated on them as much as possible.


 with us since
July 2017

Max was supposed to be slaughtered and his body and behavior show that he did not have a good life. He is gentle but so shy.


 with us since
December 2017

On December 10th 2017 we got a text from our vet asking if we would help Zoe. She was supposed to be euthanized the next day.


 with us since
June 2019

Lilly was surrendered to us from very nice and caring young lady and her dad because she has behavior problems when she gets ridden.


with us since
August 2020

Red was surrendered to us from a very nice young couple. She has navicular syndrome in her front legs. Hopefully we can get her very comfortable and pain free so we can find a good home for her.


with us since
January 2021

Jolene was a last minute save out of the slaughter pipeline.
Her shipping date was only one day away before we reserved her.
We called her Jolene because she is so pretty.


with us since
Febuary 2021

Tiny was in the slaughter pipeline and
we saved him a few days before his shipping date.
He is a beautiful, gentle giant so we decided to call him Tiny.


with us since
May  2021

Jasper was surrendered to us from a very nice and caring family.
He got injured last year and had surgery and has been recovering from it since.


with us since
August  2021

This flashy little Pony was in the slaughter pipeline on her way to get shipped to Mexico.
She is almost blind and needed help.

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